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We are located in Alexandria, MN.  Our herd started in early 2019 when our children showed interest in showing goats in 4H.  We quickly found how enjoyable nubian goats are to raise, they are a beautiful animal and are extremely friendly, making them a great animal to raise for hobby or show.  Our first buck was Raven, a large bodied black nubian buck.  The first year we used Raven he expanded our herd quickly as he produced several doelings.  We are fortunate to live on my grandma and grandfathers old farm site and have a family in agriculture products needed to raise our goats.


Our goats are provided room to roam.  We have small sheds and huts for our goats to keep them out of the elements, while providing access to open areas of grass and trees.  Our adult goats primarily consume grass/alfalfa, corn and minerals.  Our young stock consume the same nutrition as our adults, however they also receive medicated feed for coccidiosis prevention.  Our does have been tested for CAE, CL and Johnes in 2020 and 2021.  We do not plan to test in 2022 since previous tests have been clean and we have not introduced any new goats to our heard besides a buck that we have not used yet.


  1. Raise high quality, clean goats that can be competitive in any show ring and provide high quality animals for anyone looking for milk producing goats or even pets.

  2. Produce goats for our own children and friends to show.

  3. Keep our pricing affordable for the high quality goats we provide and sell to our customers.

  4. Promote the raising and showing of dairy goats (of course primarily Nubians).  

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